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About the Pershing Angels and the Greater Baltimore Alumnae Chapter

The National Society of Pershing Angels in Baltimore, MD is celebrating its Founders' 50th Anniversary.

History of the Pershing Angels

The National Society of Pershing Angels was founded at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland on February 9, 1965 as the sister unit to the National Society of Pershing Rifles unit. Other coed affiliates of Pershing Rifles formed across the nation during the early '60s. By 1966, Pershing Angels was only one of many similar groups that could be found across the country with primarily the same ideals and activities, but with different names.

In November of that year, an important step toward unification was realized at Pershing Rifles National Convention. The Coed Affiliates of Pershing Rifles (CAPERS) was formed. After that convention, CAPERS operated on the National, Regimental, and local levels and Pershing Angels continued to expand and prosper. In the mid '80s, the National Society of Pershing Rifles began accepting women members, and all the CAPER units were assimilated… all except for the Pershing Angels units.

With a continuing philosophy of faith in the inherent good judgment of the undergraduate membership, National Society of Pershing Angels has remained steadfast throughout its history, forward to the continued growth of a sisterhood which keeps pace with the ever-changing nature of the collegiate world.

MSU Pershing Family’s Pancake Breakfast in August, 2015:

Beverly Grainger and The Lovely Ladies of N-4 Pershing Angels Unit:

GBMAA Alumnae Bowling Social July 11, 2015:

Greater Baltimore Metropolitan Alumnae Unit

On 2 November 2006, The National Society of Pershing Angels, Maryland Alumnae Association was founded in Baltimore, Maryland but was not officially recognized until 11 August 2007.

The founding members were Valarie Brown-Austin, Wanda Green, Michele Lewis, Gay Williams, Agnita Williams, Raja Nelson-Parrish, Latisha Turner, Tisheena Lloyd, Latia Adams, Jerlena Rhodes, and Alexis Satterwhite.

We established our bylaws, which stated that a member must be a college graduate or out of school for one year or more with two years of undergraduate active services. Active membership means that you are financially active with the unit and national dues are paid. Active members must be in good standing and in attendance for 9 physical meetings annually. All active sisters are required to fundraise and sell a minimum of 10 tickets.

Under our first Commander, we participated in many community service and social activities. The Commander thought it was important to network with our brothers, and we sponsored many joint activities under the Pershing Angels and Pershing Rifles, alias PAPR.

After consideration of our graphical location in 2014, our unit name was changed to Greater Baltimore Metropolitan Alumnae Unit.

Past Commanders: Wanda Green, Latia Adams, Janaya Stanley, and Tisheena Owens. Since our inception, we are going strong with 17 active members.

About the Pershing Rifles